7 Ways To Deal With End Of Semester Anxiety In College

Overwhelmed student with her head on her desk

The end of the semester can be extremely stressful with finals, moving out of your dorm room, and figuring out the next steps for the summer. There is so much going on that students are starting to get stressed out and anxiety hits. Here are some ways to help manage your stress and anxiety at the end of the semester.


Take some time to reflect and relax. Focus on your breathing and clear your head from all of the thoughts that are flooding your head and stressing you out. If you take a few minutes to just focus on being present and not worrying about the future or all of the things that you need to get done, you will feel more refreshed and be able to get everything done easier.

Study in Increments

When studying for multiple different classes at once it is important to take breaks. Every half hour take a five-minute break. Be sure to eat meals, snacks, drink water and use the bathroom. We get so invested in our studying that we forget to do the simple things that are important for our health.

Develop a Self-care Routine

Make sure that you are doing the things that make you happy. Take a long shower, put on a face mask, watch an episode of your favorite tv show, eat your favorite snacks. Do the things that make you happy and unwind and take your mind off of all the stress for a little while.

Journal to Release Your Thoughts

This is the time of year where our minds won’t stop racing and we have no idea how to release those thoughts. Venting to other people does not always work because they are going through the same things. Use a journal and carry it with you wherever you go so you can write down your thoughts and release what is racing in your mind.

Listen to Inspirational Podcasts

If you fill your head with positive words, then you will live out positive actions. Do not let the stress and anxiety bring you down and do not let yourself have those negative thoughts. Listen to positive uplifting podcasts to help boost your mood and give you more motivation.

Listen to Music

Listen to music, put it on in the background when you are doing work. Listening to music can make you happier and boost your mood. Having some background noise will help you to not stress as much and can help to keep you focused.

Repeat Positive Affirmations to Yourself

When you are stressed and anxious, it is easy to feel down and have negative thoughts that are constantly bringing down your mood and your mental health starts to deteriorate. Remind yourself that you are doing great and that you are working as hard as you can. Stay positive, even when things get tough.

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