#AskGCU: What Are Some Underrated Things to Do on Campus for Fun?

By Allison Richmond

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This week on #AskGCU, the crew scours campus, looking for the most underrated things to do for fun!

The first place the teams went was Thunder Alley. This place has everything: ping pong, bowling, television, giant Jenga and lots of games. This is definitely the place to go for fun on campus. Here, they also found out that Thunderground holds lots of events throughout the week including Karaoke night every Thursday!

Next, Julian and his crew headed to the gamer club in the top level of Thunderground. Here students are able to come and play video games with their friends any time they want. For all the gamers out there, this place is for you!

After checking out the gaming club, the team went to Zoyo, where they learned that you can get free samples whenever you want! They enjoyed trying lots of flavors to find their favorite. Zoyo changes their flavors often too so you won’t get bored!

The crew then went outside to talk to some girls about their hammocks. They think more students should get hammocks and that the activity is definitely underrated. There are many places to hammock on campus including near the Grove pool, where they provide built-in poles just for hammocks!

The Jerry Colangelo Museum was the final stop on the list, and the team found that it was an interesting and fun place to tour. They saw Colangelo’s awards and achievements and learned more about him and their amazing school.

In the end it’s really up to you to find your favorite way to have fun on campus! Do you like playing games, singing karaoke, sitting in a hammock, eating frozen yogurt or touring museums? The choice is up to you!

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