#AskGCU: What Does it Mean to Be a Lope?

GCU students cheering

What does it really mean to be a “lope?” Does it mean you wear purple? Or go to all the games? Or shout “Lopes up!” at anyone you pass? The #AskGCU team set out to find the answer by asking students on campus what they believe it means to truly be a lope.


GCU students are known for their kindness, both to each other and to their community. One student said that being a lope means “going down Lopes Way and saying ‘hi’ to everyone and no one thinks it’s weird.” Kindness abounds at GCU, making things like saying hello to everyone you pass nothing out of the ordinary. There are also various local and global outreach opportunities for students to support and show kindness to people in their community and around the world.


Another student the #AskGCU team talked to said that GCU is “like being part of one big family.” The community at GCU is very close and strives to feel like family. From weekly Chapel services to Life Groups and clubs, there are lots of ways to fellowship with your fellow lopes at GCU. Lopes always travel in herds, don’t they?


Being a lope means showing dedication in all aspects of life. One way GCU students do this is through their academic dedication. There are many resources for students to utilize if they are struggling in their classes. These resources include the GCU Learning Lounge, Writing Center, professor office hours and more. GCU wants its students to succeed, and GCU students are dedicated to trying their best in every endeavor.


The most important part of being a “lope” is enthusiasm. GCU students are always enthusiastic. Whether they are cheering on their team at a basketball game or sharing God’s love with members of their community through local outreach, GCU students are always excited about what they are doing and want others to be excited too.

So maybe there isn’t just one thing that defines a lope. Being a lope goes beyond just wearing a purple t-shirt and screaming “Lopes up!” Being a lope means being a member of a dedicated, enthusiastic and kind family of students and faculty while you attend GCU and beyond. Once a lope, always a lope.

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