#AskGCU: Where is the Best Wi-Fi on Campus?

Posted on April 09, 2018  in  [ GCU Experience ]

The #AskGCU team is back this week to tell you where to get the best Wi-Fi on GCU’s campus. To test it out, Julian and his crew used a Wi-Fi app to test the strength of the Wi-Fi at different spots on campus.

Their first stop was the Grove, where the Wi-Fi ranking was about a 17. That’s a fairly good ranking, despite the many complaints freshmen have about the spotty service. GCU’s tech department tries their best to provide the best Wi-Fi all over campus.

The next place the team went was the Antelope Gym bathrooms. The Wi-Fi here was down at about a 14 on the scale, making it worse than the Grove, but still pretty good. Although, we don’t recommend doing your DQs in the bathroom.

After the gym, the #AskGCU crew went to the library, where the Wi-Fi was at 18 on the Wi-Fi scale. This was the best Wi-Fi so far and probably the best place on campus to get your homework done.

At the next spot on campus, GCU Stadium, the team got a solid 15 on the scale, making it a strong Wi-Fi contender, whereas at the next spot, Qdoba, the Wi-Fi was at a 4, an all-time low. If you are looking for good Wi-Fi, Qdoba is definitely not the place to go.

In the end, it seems that the library is the best place to go for fast and reliable Wi-Fi all day long. If you don’t believe us, get a Wi-Fi tracker app and try it out for yourself!

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