#AskGCU: Where’s the Most Insta Worthy Place on Campus?

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College students are always looking to keep their Instagram feed up to date. The #AskGCU team hit the streets again to ask students where they think the most Instagram worthy places on campus are to keep their Instagram feed looking aesthetically pleasing and up to date.

On Top of the Parking Garages

One of the most popular answers was that on top of the parking garages is one of the best places to take pictures on campus. Specifically, the halo parking garage, which is located next to the grove. The parking garages overlook the city of phoenix and it makes for an especially great photo during the sunset.

Thunder Alley

Another great place on campus to take great pictures is behind thunder alley. In the back of thunder alley there are really cool and colorful murals with props like lounge chairs that are painted all different colors. This will keep your Instagram feed looking bright and fun.

Different Plants Around Campus

Phoenix has a lot of different plants that are really interesting and different but also really pretty. You can find these all around campus. Pose in front of these and with these plants and it will make your Instagram feed look amazing.

Between Education Building and Lope Shop

In between the education building and the lope shop over by the GCU arena, there is a small alley way that has a lot of potential to take cute pictures. You can either take them standing in the middle, between the two buildings or up against the side of one of the buildings.

Grand Canyon Beverage Company, Roadrunner Location

Inside the roadrunner location of Grand Canyon Beverage company there is a wall that says “In Coffee We Trust” in big letters that is the perfect backdrop for a cute photo. Grab a drink and pose with your GCBC logoed cup.

To get the perfect photo around campus, It is all about the angles and the lighting. Adventure around campus and have a photoshoot at all these locations around campus to get the best Instagram worthy picture.

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