The Commuter Experience at GCU

By Jessica Baral

GCU's main promenade and palm trees

There are many ways that college students try to save money. One method that some students like myself use is commuting to class from home. Although there are many benefits to commuter experience, there is a chance that we commuters may feel disengaged from college life, perhaps even feel left out. To avoid this, Grand Canyon University has provided multiple amenities for their large commuter population that has made us not only feel welcome, but also made us feel at home.

Commuter Lounge

When we are not in classes or eating with friends on Lopes Way, you can find us commuters in the Commuter Lounge. The Commuter Lounge is a great place to relax, finish homework and meet other students. Not only does the lounge have plenty of seating, including tables and couches, but it also has refrigerators, TV, a pool table and Wi-Fi. There are also lockers available for when those books get too heavy!

Commuter Events

Not only do we relax and study in the Commuter Lounge, but we also have fun in it! Commuters-only events can range from free lunches and giveaways to canvas painting socials and Christmas parties. Not only do we get free food and other goodies at these exciting activities, but we also get to fully experience our own sub-community at GCU!

Campus-Wide Activities

Just because we do not live on campus, does not mean we do not get to enjoy all GCU has to offer. The campus offers many activities, clubs and events that are open to all students. From the raucous basketball games to the movie nights on the lawn, we get to enjoy our time with all GCU students and participate in the same activities. This helps us feel connected to campus and to the entire GCU community. That is something that commuter students like me truly appreciate.

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