Finding Tatum’s Purpose: Feeling Homesick

A GCU dorm room By Tatum Sorrelman Posted on October 10, 2016  in  [ GCU Experience ]

Homesickness is not an easy thing to deal with. I’m very close to my family and being apart from them has been difficult.

I’ve struggled with homesickness a lot these past few weeks and what I’ve learned from all of it is that it’s okay. There is absolutely nothing wrong with missing your family, your pets, your home and even your bed.

And there is nothing wrong with expressing that homesickness. Crying isn’t bad. Sometimes crying is what you need to do to get through what you’re going through. I have cried during these past few weeks and when I was done, I felt a lot better. Crying helped me release my feelings.

Talking to my family has also helped me push through all of this. I talk to my family every day, whether it is through text or FaceTime. They have helped me get through everything. My parents have been especially helpful throughout this experience. Being homesick is a natural part of the college experience, and there should be no shame in feeling homesick.

But being homesick all the time is no way to live. I’ve found that the best way to get through homesickness is to distract myself. I constantly try to keep busy and get involved. I hang out with friends in their dorm rooms and watch movies. I volunteer with Local Outreach. I go to The Gathering, Chapel and Life Group.

By doing all of these things and homework as well, it leaves less time to be homesick. Eventually the growing pains, as my dad calls it, will fade and the homesickness I’m feeling will just be another memory.

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Tatum Sorrelman

Tatum Sorrelman

Business Management Major, Colangelo College of Business

Tatum Sorrelman is the oldest child in a family of five, and she enjoys every minute of it. Being the oldest has given her a lot of responsibilities and has helped form her personality. Her family is very important to her, and she enjoys spending time with them.

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