Finding Tatum’s Purpose: Lopes Baseball

By Tatum Sorrelman

gcu baseball stadium

Nothing beats spending a day out in the spring weather and watching the GCU Lopes play baseball! Going to baseball games is something that I really enjoy doing when the weather finally starts to warm up from winter.

Checking out the baseball team in action during their opening weekend was one of my favorite memories at GCU. I brought my little brother and one of my best friends because she had never been to a game before—and what better time to bring her to a game than during opening weekend!

We got to the field about 30 minutes before the game started to make sure we got great seats. The new Brazell Stadium and its renovations blew me away. Last year I went to a couple of baseball games and it was amazing to see all that had changed in just a short time span. There is a new snack bar and even a team shop for fans to buy all kinds of Lope gear. Not only is there that but it also has additional seating to accommodate more fans. The stadium even has a grassy sitting area which I think is awesome.

The fun really began once the game got started. Fans were cheering nonstop and being a part of that energy was incredible. One of my favorite parts about going to baseball games is being able to hear the walkup song that a player picks to play before he approaches the plate. It’s a really cool way for the player to share a part of his personality. It’s fun to be able to see a little bit of who the player is.

The game was intense and the Lopes were fierce. Although we didn’t win, my friend, little brother and I all had a memorable experience. After the game was over, we headed over to Chick-fil-A to get lunch. That put the cherry on top of a perfect day.

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