Finding Tatum’s Purpose: Move-In Day

GCU welcome crew clapping

What is move-in day like at Grand Canyon University? Come along with GCU student Tatum Sorrelman as she moves into her dorm on campus!

Tatum’s day started early, as she and her family woke up at 5:30 am to pack all of her things into the car. While it was hard to say goodbye to her dog, she was excited to get on the road and head to GCU!

Upon arriving on campus, Tatum was feeling both excited and nervous. Her dad was looking forward to spending the day with the family and sharing the experience with Tatum.

With T-shirts being thrown in the car, volunteers yelling Tatum’s name and carrying her things up to her room, the hustle and bustle of move-in day was in full swing! When she arrived on her floor, Tatum was greeted by her resident assistants (RA’s) and Life Leader, who showed her to her room.

When she walked in, Tatum was excited to see how spacious the room was! Right away, she started unpacking and deciding how she wanted to arrange her furniture. Tatum’s parents and siblings helped her to raise her bed so that she had room to sit in her desk underneath it. After some time, Tatum’s roommate arrived and began unpacking her things while she and Tatum got to know one another.

While Tatum’s family was sad to see her go, they are confident she is going to have a great first year at GCU. Overall, while Tatum said her day was busy, she is excited for her new adventure to begin!

To learn more about Tatum’s experience on move-in day, watch the video below:

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Finding Tatum’s Purpose is a documentary starring GCU student Tatum Sorrelman, giving you an inside look at what life is like as a Lope! Make sure to keep up with this four-year series as Tatum experiences college life and works toward earning her degree!

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