Finding Tatum’s Purpose: Weekly Chapel Service at GCU

By Tatum Sorrelman

GCU students in the Arena for a Chapel service

Every Monday students can start the week with inspiration and positivity by attending Grand Canyon University’s special Chapel service. We gather to worship God and hear a strong message from a speaker. These different guests speak every Monday, so there is always a new and interesting topic to learn and think about. Sometimes we have speakers from right here in Arizona who are pastors of churches around the area. But we also have speakers who come from out-of-state. They’re usually involved in an activity that makes a difference, like Young Life, and share stories as part of their message in their own unique way. Welcoming speakers from all over is a great way to diversify Chapel, making it new and exciting.

For me, Chapel is always an amazing experience. I love being able to go to worship God and hear His Word, especially with all of my friends. Growing up, I went to church groups, but as I got older and went to high school, I stopped going. It’s amazing that, even though I’m in college, I’m able to do that again and reconnect as part of this close community.

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Chapel is also offered as a class at GCU! This means you can go to Chapel every Monday and earn credit for it. To take Chapel as a class, you need to attend every service and check in. After the service, you will take a short quiz and write a reflection on the service. It’s a great tool for me to use to reflect on God’s Word and how He impacts my heart. I definitely think all students could benefit from this experience and have life-changing moments.

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