GCU Public Safety FAQs

Public safety building

At Grand Canyon University we know campus safety is a big concern, especially for parents. That’s why we make securing our campus a top priority. In fact, Grand Canyon University was ranked among the Top 25 Safest Universities in September 2010. We are also committed to serving the local community, helping make the neighborhood surrounding GCU a safer, more welcoming place.

You can rest easy with your child living on-campus at GCU. The Department of Public Safety works around the clock to provide a safe and secure environment for our students, staff, faculty and visitors. We also rely on you, the parent, to talk with your son or daughter about safety and the importance of being aware of their surroundings at all times.

For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions for you to review with your student about how to stay safe on campus and beyond.

What measures are in place around campus to ensure student safety?

ID Cards: All GCU students and staff must obtain a personal ID card in order to gain access to campus facilities.

Parking Privileges and Vehicle Decals: Students, faculty and staff are required to have a parking decal to park on campus. Campus traffic laws are the same as off campus.

Visitor Access: All visitors must check in at the entrance gates to campus, which are staffed by security personnel. The main gates are open 24/7 to vehicular and pedestrian traffic while all other gates close at 6 p.m.

Text Alerts: Sign up for GCU’s text messaging system to receive campus emergency alerts.

What relationship does GCU have with the Phoenix Police Department?

In July 2012, Grand Canyon University entered into a five-year, $1 million agreement with the City of Phoenix Police Department. Components of the agreement include providing additional police patrols to neighborhoods surrounding the campus. GCU also provides a “squad room” for city police to use for interviews and writing reports.

What is the TIPS system?

TIPS is GCU’s online incident reporting system. It allows anyone to anonymously report an incident or potential risk, including bullying, vandalism, academic cheating and suspicious activity. Public Safety will investigate all reports.

Any words of wisdom for incoming students on how to stay safe?

Use common sense, on campus and off.

The safety of Grand Canyon University’s students, faculty, staff and guests is a top priority. To learn more about GCU, visit our website or request more information using the button at the top of the page.

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