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Posted on February 08, 2017  in  [ GCU Experience ]

Did you know? The GCU Honors College offers exclusive trips to go abroad.

Maybe you are thinking, “I can’t go – none of my friends will be going.”

Take advice from honors student Michele Weidert, a junior earning a Bachelor of Science in Biology with an Emphasis in Pre-Physician Assistant: “I didn’t know anybody going on the trip going into it, so I met people at the meetings we had. I really wanted to travel and go to Europe for the longest time. It seemed like a really good idea to go with people at my school who were my age.”

Michele described her experience as being an opportunity of a lifetime.

So now you might be thinking, “It’s too expensive – I can’t afford that.”

Michele said, “The trip actually seemed a lot less expensive compared to going with my family because you get discounts with big groups, especially if it is through a school.”

What’s next for Michele? She is working to get her requirements for PA school done so that when she graduates from GCU, she can go straight there. The backup plan is to take a year off to finish the requirements and go on a mission trip to get some medical insight and experience doing what she loves.

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S. Jordan Montgomery

Jordan Montgomery is a sophomore in the Honors College at Grand Canyon University. She is majoring in electrical engineering and hopes to get her master’s degree in either business or engineering. When she graduates, she hopes to work as a chief operating officer for an engineering company. In the meantime, Jordan works for marketing and PR, and as a facilitator for the Engineering Retention Program in the Honors College. In her spare time, Jordan enjoys reading, hiking mountains and traveling around the world.

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