Graduating from GCU with Low Debt

College students consulting about funds

If you are interested in attending a private, Christian university, but have concerns about financing your education, then listen to Taylor Garten’s story. She is pursuing the Bachelor of Science in Marketing degree from GCU. After her mom suggested that she look into Grand Canyon University, and Taylor found that she loved it, they decided on the school and that they would figure out the payment.

Many people assume that getting an education from a private university is more expensive than attending an in-state school. While the costs can look that way initially, GCU offers scholarship opportunities that outweigh any imbalances.

So far, Taylor has accumulated more than $20,000 worth of assistance at GCU. She has been able to pay off her debts through on-campus jobs and the scholarships that she has qualified for.

When planning for her education, Taylor expected to take out loans for school and ended up getting the smallest one that she could. To help ensure that she would graduate debt-free, she strived to pay off her loan before any interest started to accumulate.

Taylor appreciates that she has been able to work throughout her time at GCU and pay back her student loan each summer. Also, she is amazed that her education is as affordable as it is, considering that she is studying at a private, Christian university.

Taylor looks forward to finishing her undergraduate education, knowing that she will feel satisfied with the accomplishment of doing it on her own and graduating in three years with no debt.

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At Grand Canyon University, we’re committed to providing our learners with a quality education, and we offer tuition rates and scholarship options to help you finance your private, Christian education. To find out more, visit our website or click the Request More Information button on this page.

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