Honors College Advice: Less is Best

By Lily Cooper

A group of busy people going about their days

Wake up
7 am – Biology
9 am – Finance
Honors College Mixer
Club Meeting
MORE Email
Group Project
Rinse and Repeat

This schedule commonly fits the routine of an honors student. Simply look at another honors student’s schedule and compare. In our day and age, it is a common adage to reply with the word, “Busy,” when someone asks how we are doing. We live in an ever-stimulating world – a world where nothing slows down and if it does we have an anxiety attack. We feel as if we are losing the race of being busy every hour of every day.

Success should not be defined by the number of waking hours we have nor the amount of activities we are involved in. Success is defined in the quality of our work and the ability to choose wisely. As honors students, we are given a multitude of opportunities, but if we say yes to too many, we will break.

An essentialist focuses on what is absolutely necessary and says no to everything else. In an environment with too many great opportunities to take advantage of, this is a vital skill for us to have.

One way to accomplish this essential skill is to create white space in your everyday life. White space is time to yourself. Time in silence to analyze your day and determine what is essential and what can be removed. Once you begin to hone in on a few endeavors, you will be able to fully dedicate your time and mind power.

You must take control of your schedule or others will. Focus on the essential and you will be beyond successful.

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