Honors Discover Weekend Recap

By Angela Bratt

students excited and jumping

The Honors College successfully hosted their very first honors exclusive Discover Weekend over President’s Day weekend, with 59 students flying in from across the country. The Honors College had an exciting itinerary for the weekend that proved to be a huge hit with the potential students. They were almost all exclusively high school seniors and perfect potential candidates for the Honors College; a few students on the trip even interviewed with our full-time staff for an exclusive scholarship through the Honors College. Students engaged with current GCU honors students and got to experience a piece of life at GCU as a student.

The itinerary involved an executive from Uber coming to speak to the students about their company as well the best practices when running a business. Students also participated in an on-campus leadership retreat challenge put on by One Day Adventures. They were challenged in a variety of ways and asked to work as a team, which resulted in the formation of new friendships.

The prospective students also enjoyed an etiquette dinner, which involved a 5-course meal and lessons on how to properly utilize silverware and conduct one’s self during a dinner interview. Additionally, students participated in a mock lecture in which they listened to a professor speak in a classroom to provide them with the feeling of being an actual student. Further, students took part in a gratitude challenge and a time capsule activity. The participants were encouraged to think of individuals who have been a part of their support system and wrote letters expressing their gratitude for their investment in their lives. They also wrote letters to their future selves that they will receive one year from this weekend. Overall, the attitude of the prospective students was incredibly optimistic, with nothing but positive comments and glowing enthusiasm for the future!

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