Honors Faculty Spotlight: Ryan Brandt

By Josh McGuire
Finance Major, Honors College

Picture of Ryan Brandt

Ryan A. Brandt, PhD, a College of Theology and Honors College professor, says his biggest passion is teaching. Engaging with students in the classroom brings the most rewarding moments: “I enjoy watching students critically think through issues as I teach. I especially like to see the proverbial light bulb go off in their minds as they think.” He described a particular course, Christianity: Story, Theology, and Mission (the honors version of the Christian worldview course), as having “some of the deepest discussions” – and from a freshman-level course nonetheless!

Dr. Brandt has taught a wide variety of classes covering topics such as systematic theology, church history, historical theology, philosophy, ethics and apologetics. Holding a PhD in systematic theology, Dr. Brandt embodies the academic qualities of many aspiring scholars. Every Honors College class is taught by a PhD-qualified faculty member with experience in the classroom.

Dr. Brandt, being one of our stellar professors, takes his role to heart. The classroom becomes an open door to discuss Christ with a wide array of students. “While many of the students in these classes already consider themselves Christians, others may not know what they think or hold contrasting worldviews. I enjoy interacting with this diverse class, leading discussions and spending time getting to know the students.”

Although teaching is his passion, his first love is obvious: Christ and the pursuit of community. Dr. Brandt coming to GCU was motivated primarily by embracing a broadly evangelical, Christ-centered environment. He desired to “work with people from different denominations, including Wesleyans, Baptists, Pentecostals, Anglicans and Anabaptists.” Diverse ideas, opinions and views create the rich theological community of GCU.

Dr. Brandt has made a sizeable impact on the students in the GCU Honors College. As a true academic, a strong leader and a Distinguished Honorary Member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars, he’s made the college proud.

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More about Josh McGuire:

Josh McGuire is a finance, entrepreneurship and Christian studies student at GCU. He works for the Honors College as an event planner and interned for SEED SPOT and Operation Angel Whings. Additionally, he serves as a senator on ASGCU and club president for Defenders GCU and Circle K International.

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