Honors Student Spotlight: Denisse Delos Santos

By Dom Pachuilo

Denisse Delos Santos with other electrical engineers

“I believe everyone can be an expert at a subject – they just need a little push – and I think I have some knowledge to offer other students that can guide them into becoming their best in their academic journeys.” (GCU Honors Student Denisse Delos Santos)

Denisse Delos Santos, a junior electrical engineering major from the Philippines, is paving a path to follow. Not only is Denisse a volunteer for the Market on the Move project through the 3000 Club, but she is also the engineering lead at the GCU Lounge.

Market on the Move’s focus is to rescue fresh produce that would normally be thrown away. Before the produce is tossed, she and other volunteers purchase it for a fair price. This allows for the project to bring awareness to consumers on the amount of produce being wasted and educate on how to use rescued produce. “For donating $10 at our farmer’s market atmosphere, you can get up to 60 pounds of fresh produce to share with other people,” Denisse explained. The amount of fresh produce thrown away is mind boggling.

As the engineering lead in the Lounge, Denisse is responsible for directing students to hone in their craft as aspiring engineers, mathematicians and scientists. As she observes the students, she will identify areas of improvement and help them with homework assignments as well as prepare for class exams. Denisse has learned the value of patience and open-mindedness through her experience as an engineering lead.

Denisse has a servant’s heart. She is involved with her internships not only to further her career, but also to help other students succeed. While volunteering with Market on the Move, she hopes to educate the Phoenix community on the amount of produce being wasted every second of the day. According to the Washington Post, the U.S. wastes over $165 billion in food a year.

Denisse recommends all students to get involved with internships, research and projects because they have the power to accelerate you. She commented, “These opportunities not only help you grow as a student, but also as a person. It helps you find the right path to take in life.  Being involved in anything makes you more open-minded and see different perspectives in life, thus making you enjoy life even more.”

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