Honors Student Spotlight: Tiffany Hansen

By Angela Bratt

GCU senior Tiffany Hansen

Grand Canyon University senior Tiffany Hansen will graduate this December with a degree in Biology with an emphasis in Pre-Medicine. As Hansen prepares to move on to the next stage of life, she shared some reflections on her time here at GCU.

Why GCU?

Hansen explained that one of the reasons she chose GCU was because of all the enriching extra-curricular programs offered. Along with a supportive community within the Honors College, GCU boasts a great pre-health program. Hansen valued the opportunity to participate in Honors Societies, the Research and Design Program (RDP), cadaver dissection internships and AzHOSA, a student organization of future health professionals. In addition, generous scholarships and the ability to relocate from her hometown in Vancouver, Washington made the GCU experience too good to turn down.

Additionally, Hansen enjoyed living on campus for most of her undergrad due to the accessibility and convenience of campus life. It gave her more freedom and availability for lots of study sessions! As for her social life, Hansen said that some of her favorite events at GCU have been the Hanging of the Greens, Mr. GCU, Midnight Madness and the Lip Sync Battle.

Getting Involved

Hansen reminisced about her most treasured experiences at GCU when she stated how much she valued the RDP involvement and exposure. She said, “I had the amazing opportunity to lead the cadaver dissection region of the RDP, which not only improved my own dissection skills but allowed me to teach others lab techniques and obtain valuable leadership experience.” She was able to make the most of her

undergrad experience by seeking out opportunities to get involved and gain exposure to prepare her for her career.

One of the things that helped Hansen thrive at GCU was her intentionality. She made a point to be heavily involved with organizations like GCU AzHOSA since her freshman year. She chose to spend a lot of time in the cadaver lab in order to master dissection and teach others. Further, Hansen has been working as a medical scribe in the Emergency Room, which has provided her with many opportunities.

A few words of advice Hansen has for underclassman are: join clubs, find a mentor and utilize your professors as a resource.

What’s Next?

Hansen shared that she is currently applying to a few post-baccalaureate programs. She will be taking classes in order to take a gap year prior to applying for medical school in May, hoping to begin med school in the fall of 2019. Finding a job after college can be challenging, but thanks to a strong education and mentorships from involved professors, Hansen feels thoroughly prepared to secure a job after graduation. The Honors College wishes you good luck and success in all your future endeavors!

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