The Life of a Transfer Student

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Did you miss out on your chance to join the Honors College as an incoming freshman? Are you transferring to Grand Canyon University and looking for an academic challenge? I know what you may be thinking: “It’s going to be too much work,” or “I’m not going to know anyone,” or “Is this actually benefiting me?” Those were my thoughts. I am currently entering my junior year here at Grand Canyon University as a transfer student in the Honors College. I missed out on my chance to join my freshman year, and here’s why.

As a freshman, I found that a few of my classes were not challenging me as much as I had hoped and I wanted to get more from my GCU experience in my short amount of time here! There were a variety of things in my mind holding me back, but once I jumped in I became so thankful for making the decision to join! I was scared it would be hard to meet people at first. Thankfully, the Honors College has that figured out for us transfer students and they host events throughout the school year to help you get connected with other honors students. Another easy way I found to meet people was by joining an honors club like Alpha Chi, the National Honors Society or the Colangelo Scholars.

Prior to getting more information about the Honors College I had no idea what I wanted to do with my intended major. After getting involved in the Honors College I gained real-world experience, important connections in the business world and a clue of where I want to go next! And where honors students are looking for a little academic challenge, the Honors College has found a great balance! As a transfer student you only need to take 16 honors credits. So far I have found that the classes have one to two extra assignments that are meant to dive deeper into content and create a greater understanding, or maybe an extra chapter in class. So I was able to complete all of my assignments, learn more and still have time for my friends on the weekends!

So, what are you waiting for? Join the Honors College! My first step was meeting the assistant dean, Breanna Naegeli. She guided me through all things honors and set me off on the right path. Joining the Honors College not only allows you to push yourself academically, it widens your network and helps you to meet likeminded people who are working toward amazing career goals just like you. Applying is as easy as 1-2-3, so embrace the challenge and enrich your future with the Honors College at GCU!

To learn more about gaining academic enrichment and joining a community of similarly driven peers through the Honors College, visit our website or click the Request More Information button on this page.

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