Make the Most of Your Honors Symposium

By Gabriela Marrama

Honors students presenting at the spring symposium

Every spring, the Honors College hosts an annual symposium exclusive to honors students. The symposium provides honors students with an opportunity to work with fellow honors students and a faculty member toward a common project, with the chance to earn scholarship money. To start out, freshman honors students cover the topic ethics and global impact followed by service sophomore year, leadership junior year and finally research senior year.

The symposium is a wonderful way to build community within the Honors College and meet professors and students that you may never have met otherwise. You can get to know your group and the students in your class.

Junior Cathleen Daly shares, “I had the opportunity to learn what the hearts of my peers were toward different service projects and saw how passionate they were about serving the community.” Take advantage of the fact that you have the opportunity to work with a group of like-minded honors students because the more you work together and use the gifts God has given you, the more you can initiate change in the world.

The symposium can also help you gain a deeper understanding of the world around you. The symposium provides new perspectives on the world because of the diversity of the Honors College. “Be prepared for the symposium to change and evolve year to year. Bring an open mind and be prepared to work with students who are not in your field. You have the opportunity to work with students who come from different backgrounds than you. You learn more from the people you work with because you all bring different ideas and different points of view as you all come from different worldviews,” said senior Clarissa Galaviz.

In addition, the symposium can help you grow in valuable skills necessary to be a strong student and employee. Junior Kara Morrow said, “The symposium has helped me gain skills in teamwork, deadline management and public speaking, all while getting to make new friends within the Honors College.”

The symposium is a safe place to grow as a student. Professors initiate discussions that allow for students to debate and share ideas about a variety of topics. Senior Marshall McLean explains, “The annual symposium challenged some of my assumptions and broadened my worldview in a constructive environment.”

It is a privilege to be a part of a close-knit Honors College and to have faculty and staff who are passionate about your success. Utilize the professors you are given for the symposium because they not only want to see you succeed academically, but professionally as well.

Overall, the annual Honors College symposium is a great opportunity for honors students to gather, discuss and create ideas that make an impact on the community. Take advantage of the symposium and the benefits that come from investing your time into it. Do not think of it as another class – rather use the information you learn and the people you meet to equip you for the future.

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