My Experience at GCU: Ready for Senior Year

By Judah Esparza

A grad cap on top of a stack of books

My experience at Grand Canyon University over the course of these past few years can only be described as unforgettable. Coming in as a freshman with no knowledge of the campus and only having heard about GCU from a few people, was a huge change of pace. Moving in during Welcome Week showed me that my experience at GCU was going to be one I’d never forget.

First Year

Freshman year really set in stone how much GCU cared about my success because of all the support that was offered to me as I started and as I progressed through my first year in college. All the RAs in my building were there for me and helped me with the transition to college life. Events and other activities were planned to help all the new people meet each other and get connected on campus.

Second Year

Coming back and going in to my sophomore year, I decided to be a resident assistant. As an RA, my role was to be a community leader in the dorm, promote events, get residents connected and be available for students if they needed any help. Working with Residence Life and Housing Operations was quite an interesting experience because I got an inside scoop on the inner-workings of the dorms and apartments. This greatly helped my perspective and knowledge about living on a campus, which in turn helped me out with the residents’ issues or questions. Having all the extra support from other RAs and my resident director taught me a lot and helped me better understand campus life.

Final Year

As I enter my third and final year at GCU, the experiences that I have gone through have definitely played a huge role in shaping me and preparing me for life and the future. My time at GCU has been an experience that I would not trade for anything. Even though I still have to finish off this year, it has been one period of my life that I will cherish forever!

To anyone considering this university, let my personal experience help you make your decision. A great opportunity that GCU offers to help decide if GCU is right for you is Discover GCU. These trips are designed to invite high school students from around the country to GCU to stay in the dorms and get a feel for how life is in Lope Country!

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