The Best Coffee Shops to Study at in Phoenix

Woman studying at a coffee shop with a laptop and glasses

Coffee is a staple for college students. What better to drink while we are vigorously studying for that test or writing an essay? It keeps us awake while providing us comfort in the sugar and flavors, depending on how you like it.

Phoenix is a great place to find all sorts of coffee shops! There is a large variety of them all across the city and they all have a type of charm and character to them that make them so popular. Check out these great Phoenix coffee shops below!

Giant Coffee

Giant Coffee lives up to its name with how popular it is among students. Nestled over on First Street, this shop is nice and quiet, with great seating all around. Their large, open windows let the Arizona sunlight in and make the space more open. The coffee paired with the scent of their pastries make it a perfect shop to come in and study efficiently!

Address: 1437 N 1st St. Phoenix, AZ

Recommended Drink: Honey Almond Milk Latte


Lux is almost a legend among college students. You will always know someone when you walk into Lux among all the music and food. They have a large coffee and food selection for when you get hungry and plenty of comfy chairs. It can get very busy at night so make sure to get there a little early to snag a seat!

Address: 4400 N Central Ave, Phoenix AZ

Recommended Drink: A latte with their homemade espresso whip cream

Grand Canyon Beverage Company

Obviously, we couldn’t have a coffee post without including Grand Canyon University’s very own Grand Canyon Beverage Company. With their two locations on the second floor of the Union and Road Runner apartments (and more to come), you don’t even have to leave the school to get your coffee fix.

Walk into GCBC and you will most likely know someone there. It is on campus after all! Everyone is studying, watching TV or just hanging out, giving it a very lively feel. Grab yourself an iced coffee, a cookie and just relax. You can also get breakfast and lunch there!

Address: Grand Canyon University, second floor of the Union or in Road Runner Apartments

Recommended Drink: The Avalanche

Songbird Coffeehouse

If you want a more homey-vibe, then this coffee shop is perfect. Built right inside an actual house on Roosevelt Row, Songbird will bring comfort to you in every way. You can sit outside, on the front porch, or on their couches inside.

Go back home with this coffee shop as you’re doing your homework and hitting those deadlines. With the smell of coffee drifting in, it will be like you never left your hometown!

Address: 812 N 3rd Street Phoenix, AZ

Recommended Drink: Vanilla Latte

The Henry

The Henry is a restaurant located on Camelback but also home to a beautiful coffee shop on the other side! Join all the other hard-working bloggers, business owners and workers in the coffee shop and get things done. Its soothing music is great to listen to while working and they have a large number of pastries, coffee, and food to order.

Seats fill up fast so be sure to get there before dinner to snag a seat in the shop.

Address: 4455 E Camelback Rd. Phoenix, AZ

Recommended Drink: The Wildflower

Now that you’ve heard of all the best coffee shops in Phoenix, be sure to grab some friends and go on a coffee jump around the city. It is always coffee time.

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