What It’s Like to be a Double Major in the Honors College

By Kendall Smith

Teenage girl holding books, notebooks and pencils standing against wall

Depending on which two majors one chooses to pursue, tackling a double major within the Honors College can be achievable. The only requirements to graduate with honors at GCU is to maintain a GPA of 3.25, participate in the Annual Spring Symposium, take UNV-106HN, CWV-106HN and ENG-206HN and complete 20 hours of honors coursework (16 for transfer students).

To fulfill these credits, the student has the choice of which courses within their major(s) that they want to make honors. When taking an honors class, one may be asked to increase the word count on essays, answer questions more in-depth or partake in assignments different than the non-honors classmates.

There are many opportunities the Honors College provides for their students and their busy lives. The Honors After Dark Series is held weekly from 8 pm-12 am, where the Academic and Career Excellence (ACE) Center is present to provide assistance for honors courses. There are also ACE Centers for each of the colleges. There is even a housing option for freshmen honors students in Juniper Hall where they can form study groups on their floor. A student may also request an honors-specific Student Services Counselor (SSC) who has inside knowledge on how to best schedule courses for honors students.

As long as the student regularly attends their classes, completes their homework on time, is proactive with their studies, and designates some downtime, pursuing a double major in the Honors College is an accomplishment not far out of reach!

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