What You Should Know About GCU’s Transfer Scholarships

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At Grand Canyon University, we realize that the cost of higher education is often the most significant factor when it comes to selecting a university. For this reason, we offer many scholarship and grant options to help students fund their private Christian education.

Transfer Scholarship Opportunities

As a transfer student, you may be eligible for a GCU Indirect Start Scholarship. These award programs are an option for students who do not enroll at the university in the semester after their high school graduation and for international students.

Once any college coursework has been attempted, SAT and ACT scores may not be used to apply for an Indirect Start Scholarship. Instead, you must submit unofficial transcripts from all institutions that you’ve attended since high school. Also, official transcripts must be provided after the completion of final terms at all institutions you’ve attended.

Students with 24 or more attempted college credits must use their cumulative GPA to qualify for an Indirect Start Scholarship, while those with fewer than 24 attempted college credits must use their high school GPA. The following are some of the advantages of our transfer scholarships:

Generous and Renewable

Grand Canyon University offers a selection of substantial scholarship opportunities designed to make it easier for students to fund their higher education. We offer five Indirect Start Scholarship award levels ranging from $1,500 to $6,750. The amount of scholarship money you receive depends on your GPA or your ACT or SAT test scores. These scholarships can also be given out to International and gap year students! Also, at Grand Canyon University, all of our scholarships can be renewed annually. To maintain your scholarship, you must meet or exceed the minimum GPA requirements of your award program.


Our scholarships are GPA-based, so if you receive a scholarship, then you must adhere to its program requirements and remain a full-time student at GCU. 

Receive your GCU scholarship offer now. 

At Grand Canyon University, we want to help make funding a private Christian education affordable. To learn more about our transfer scholarships, please visit our website or use the Request More Information Button on this page.

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