Top 3 Advantages to Earning a Communications Degree

Woman speaker addressing audience in open office

Communication is an important skill in any career. When you earn a communications degree, you learn foundational skills that can support you any role. Both verbal and written communication are skills that have been identified by employers as highly valuable. Earning a communications degree shows that you bring the right skills to the job. In addition to communication skills, there are numerous other skills you can gain from enrolling in a communications degree.

1. Creativity

Your communications degree will ensure you are allowed to work with some level of creativity. For example, if you are in charge of communications for an organization you will need to have the ability to share thoughts and ideas about a wide variety of topics supporting the organization. Designing the right things to speak or write takes critical thinking and a creative mindset. Learning how to present ideas and exchange information with others requires people skills as well as an interest in the topic.

2. Different Fields

Communications roles are not confined to just one field or industry. Nearly all organizations need people who can write persuasively and argue for their ideas, services and products. Communications professionals can find roles in public relations, startups, entrepreneurs, authors and speakers are just a few of the types of businesses and individuals who call on communications graduates to help them get their ideas, books or names out into the world using effective communication.

3. Flexible Roles

Communications degree graduates learn a number of different skills. They are able to respond to conflict with verbal and written negotiation strategies, they know how to research information in order to make valuable presentations and they can help direct the brand of individuals and businesses through communication campaigns. Some common careers options for communications graduate include:

  • Copywriter
  • Social media manager
  • Broadcaster
  • Event planner
  • Corporate trainer
  • PR specialist
  • Customer service representative

Complements Skills Earned in Other Degrees

Earning a communications degree is enough to set graduates up for a promising career in several fields. However, you can benefit from enrolling in minor degrees while pursuing your undergraduate to increase your opportunities. Earning a communications degree will also improve your skillset and prepare you for advanced degrees in more specialized fields. Aside from journalism or professional writing degrees, a communications degree will help you as you go on to pursue sociology, psychology and any number of advanced degree programs.

If you are excited about sharing ideas with the world, earn your Bachelor of Arts in Communications degree at Grand Canyon University. Communications degrees are a helpful addition to any career, making them a valuable undergraduate or graduate degree in connection with a wide variety of other degrees. To learn more about the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, visit our website or click on the Request Info button on this page.

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