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Language and communication degrees at Grand Canyon University encompass fundamental workplace principles and practices so to fully prepare students for their professional career. Our bachelor’s and master’s programs cover a range of topics from conflict and negotiation, communication for behavior change, strategic communication and technical writing.

Encompassing a variety of occupations like public relation specialists to technical writers, the median annual wage for those in a related media and communication field is $61,310 as of May 2020.* Communications majors are rated as No. 2 on a list of the Top 10 college majors by The Princeton Review.**

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Bachelor’s in Language and Communications Degrees

Bachelor’s degrees in language and communications at GCU provide foundational skills for a variety of professions, including public relations, journalism, copy editing and media. Examine the principles of best communication practices in our Bachelor of Arts in Communications, or the core study and application of literature and writing in our Bachelor of Arts in English with an Emphasis in Professional Writing.

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Master’s in Language and Communications Degrees

Benefit from advanced training in your career field with a master’s degree from GCU. Learn how to implement key workplace strategies for a comprehensive framework of communication and business knowledge. Choose from a variety of master’s degrees like our Master of Arts in Communication or our Master of Science in Leadership. Gain skills needed to advance in careers in grant writing, professional writing, PR, marketing and teaching.

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*The earnings referenced were reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Media and Communication Occupations. They are not calculated using wages from GCU graduates but from workers across the country with varying levels of education and experience, and they reflect a national median wage for this occupation in May 2020. This national data may not accurately reflect earnings of workers in particular parts of the country and include earners at all stages of their career and not solely entry level wages. COVID-19 has adversely affected the global economy and data from 2020 may be atypical compared to prior years. The pandemic may impact the predicted future workforce outcomes indicated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics as well. Accordingly, data shown is based on May 2020.

**Retrieved from The Princeton Review, Top 10 College Majors in May 2021

Grand Canyon University's online and evening programs offer the flexibility you need to get ahead, providing a quality education to help you thrive in today's complex world.

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