Becoming an Effective Communicator

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Communications degree programs are popular in part because of their versatility. From mediation to marketing, skilled communicators are needed in every field and on every hierarchical level. By the time you graduate with your Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Grand Canyon University, you will be an effective communicator who is prepared to take on virtually any challenge in your future career.

Understanding the Power of Simplicity

Every good communicator has a knack for words, but truly effective ones know how to speak or write in a way that genuinely resonates with people. It can be off-putting to customers, clients or team members if they have to sort through technical jargon before they can figure out what you are saying. Take your cue from writer Mark Twain, who said “don’t use a five-dollar word when a 50-cent word will do.” Remember that the end goal of communications is to convey an idea, and it is hard to get your message across if your audience is busy reaching for a dictionary

Adjusting Your Message

During your time as a communications major at Grand Canyon University, one of the topics you will study is campaign development. Your future career may involve social, marketing or political campaign strategizing. In this field in particular, it is essential to know how to adjust your message based on your audience’s responses. Remember that communication is a two-way street. Based on feedback, you may need to tweak the campaign strategies multiple times, while still remaining true to the core mission and values.

Collaborating and Leading Small Groups

At GCU, communications majors become skilled at addressing all sorts of audiences, including small teams. Leading and contributing to small groups are skills that you will likely develop further as you build your career. In these settings, visibility is important. Technology makes it easier than ever before to collaborate with someone remotely, whether that person is on a different floor in an office building or on the other side of the globe. However, electronic communications cannot truly replace face-to-face interactions, or even a phone call. Your team will benefit from having a personal connection to you and to other team members. Maintaining your visibility as a team leader and scheduling regular face time will support team morale and engagement.

Living According to Your Words

There is an old saying among military historians, “the best commanders lead from the front.” In other words, good leaders are those who wouldn’t ask their troops to do anything that they wouldn’t do themselves. This translates to the corporate world. The most successful communicators understand that, in order to gain people’s trust, they must match their own actions to their words.

If you have an interest in studying the way people communicate, a degree in communications might be the right fit for a future career you can thrive in.

Grand Canyon University is an accredited Christian university that infuses ethics and faith-based values into our curricula. When you’re ready to prepare for your future, you can click on the Request More Information button at the top of our website. Our Bachelor of Arts in Communications is offered by the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

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