What is Epidemiology?


As a generalist program designed for healthcare professionals, the Master of Public Health (MPH) program offered by Grand Canyon University’s College of Nursing and Health Care Professions explores national public health curriculum standards and includes a look at the principles of epidemiology.

Epidemiology is a methodology for identifying the causes of diseases and health outcomes in populations. More specifically, epidemiology is the systematic, data-driven and scientific study of the distribution, causes and risk factors of health-related events and states in populations. Epidemiology also encompasses the application of the results of these studies to the control of health issues.

Public health problems are diverse and can involve everything from infectious and chronic diseases to emergencies and injuries. No matter the type of problem, epidemiologists approach each issue by first identifying the problem and then determining the cause, evaluating solutions and considering methods for implementing a response.

Examples of health problems that an epidemiologist might investigate include:

  • Environmental exposures that involve heavy metals, lead or air pollutants
  • Infectious diseases, such as pneumonia and foodborne illnesses
  • Non-infectious diseases, like cancer and major birth defects
  • Injuries in the form of increased domestic violence or homicides
  • Events such as natural disasters and terrorism

To explore the patterns of injury and disease in the human population, you will apply epidemiological approaches while earning your MPH degree. In this program, an emphasis is placed on concepts, indicators, principles and methods of chronic and infectious disease epidemiology. Additionally, you will learn how to conduct statistical analysis of primary epidemiological measures that are used to support evidence-based decision-making.

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