3 Benefits of the Online* RN Bridge Pathway

By Lauren Abraham

nurse sitting on floor typing on a laptop

GCU offers a wide variety of online* nursing programs that are designed to foster best practices and successful patient care. If you are a registered nurse with an associate degree looking to gain professional practice and advance your title, an RN bridge pathway may be a great choice.

At Grand Canyon University, this pathway can be completed online in order to provide a convenient option for the RN adult learner. Interested in furthering your nursing education? Continue reading to learn about the benefits of pursuing an online RN to BSN at GCU.

Earn Your RN to BSN Online*

In preparing you to serve others and become a leader in the field of nursing, you can take advantage of the flexibility that is offered by GCU’s online degree programs. For example, students who are working in the field as an RN can continue to do so while they take online classes to earn their Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

In addition, students who pursue their nursing degree online at GCU can find confidence in knowing that they are enrolled in an accredited program. For more information on the accreditation of nursing programs and other university licensures, please visit our University Accreditation and Regulations page. Students gain a high-quality healthcare education that can equip them to take their nursing career to the next level.

Grow in Your Knowledge

GCU’s RN bridge pathway aims to maximize the strengths of the working RN. Courses in this pathway serve as pre-requisite coursework to prepare nurses for admission into an MSN program and each are taught by experts in the field who share valuable knowledge in the areas of clinical patient care, healthcare management and professional nursing practice and leadership.

Students enrolled in the RN bridge pathway learn to apply clinical reasoning, research, evidence-based practice, collaboration and leadership to their profession. They explore effective communication strategies and learn what it means to be a servant leader. Furthermore, they grow in their knowledge of a variety of clinical and healthcare principles, and have opportunities to demonstrate their mastery of concepts.

Graduates of the RN to BSN grow in their ability to care for patients and are prepared to take on more responsibilities in the workplace. In addition, they are prepared to take their education further if they wish. GCU offers a fast-track nursing degree for RN to BSN students who are interested in pursuing their MSN degree.

Unlock New Opportunities

Enrolling in an online RN bridge pathway can prepare you to become a leader in the field of nursing and fill a variety of rolls such as charge nurse, nurse manager, unit supervisor, division nurse leader, director of nursing and patient educator. By earning your BSN, you may also have opportunities to work in a variety of settings such as hospitals, ambulatory care centers, community care settings and rehabilitative settings.

Taking the next step and enrolling in an online RN bridge pathway allows you to reach your full potential while maximizing the time needed to complete an MSN. And, by taking advantage of the convenience of online courses at GCU, you can study anytime, anywhere.

Grand Canyon University’s College of Nursing and Health Care Professions offers a variety of degree programs to prepare students to fill evolving healthcare roles as highly qualified professionals. Visit our website or fill out the Request More Information form at the top of the page to learn more.

*100% online classes; (clinical, practicum and immersion hours completed locally).

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