Trends in Healthcare: Why You Need to Stay Informed

Nursing Graphic with stethoscope

Healthcare is a constantly evolving field, and for its professionals to be their most effective, it’s important for them to be aware of developments. For this reason, students enrolled in Grand Canyon University’s RN to BSN degree benefit from the program’s Trends and Issues in Today’s Health Care course. If you’re planning on advancing your nursing education, then read on to learn why staying informed about trends and issues is important for nursing students:

External Forces Can Impact Healthcare Practice and Policy

Current nursing care policies, professional forces and societal pressures can affect how healthcare is provided and the role of the nurse. Also, current health policies can impact public health and the condition of the patients that you treat. For these reasons, it’s important to stay informed regarding nursing care policy and practice.

Research Affects the Nursing Profession

Nursing research has a significant impact on the professional nursing practice of today and the future. It makes sense for anyone pursuing a nursing career to stay on top of current studies and their results. Nursing research is essential to the profession and promotes continuing advancements and optimal nursing care. GCU’s RN to BSN gives you insight into nursing research, its importance to the field and the benefits of remaining up-to-date on current studies.

Nursing and Healthcare are Dynamic

Over the decades, the nursing profession has gone through incredible advances, and it’s now characterized by formal medical training and higher prestige within the medical field. Changes in the nursing role affect the efficiency of healthcare and quality of patient care, and the profession’s culture, environment, training and responsibilities will continue to evolve in response to issues and trends. Remaining aware of what’s current in nursing can help you grow with the field.

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