Family-Centered Health Promotion in GCU’s RN to BSN Program

Nursing students in a clinical setting with patients

For registered nurses who want to gain additional healthcare theory knowledge and professional practice, Grand Canyon University’s RN to BSN program can be the perfect fit. In this program’s family-centered health promotion course, students study concepts of the family as the client, screenings across the lifespan, family FHP health assessments, community resources, communication and family education. Continue reading to learn more about some of the family-centered health promotion issues that you’ll study while completing GCU’s RN to BSN program:

Family Theories

When it comes to promoting health for families, you can benefit from understanding more about what defines a family and viewing a family as a whole. Family systems theory, for example, looks at families as if they are living, emotional organisms. In this model, rules, behaviors, expectations and boundaries are stressed to achieve a level of equilibrium, and it’s emphasized that individuals can be better understood as part of their family unit.

Health Promotion Models

There is a wide range of models and theories that promote the practices of disease prevention and health promotion. Examples of these theories include social cognitive theory and the theory of reasoned action or planned behavior. Students may also learn about ecological, relapse prevention, health belief and stages of change models.

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Cultural Diversity

Having a better grasp of cultural diversity can make it easier for you to understand patients and families from cultures other than your own, which can be critical for effective health promotion. While completing the family-centered health promotion course, students may learn about cultural and linguistic barriers, health literacy and diversity in health promotion.

Teaching and Learning Principles

Health-promotion professionals can support better outcomes for families when they understand the principles of teaching and learning. These principles cover the best methods for teaching in various circumstances and what learning environments are most effective for patients and families.

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