Future Health Care Administrators Club: Ensign Event

The Future Health Care Administrators Club

On November 7, the Future Health Care Administrators Club (FHCA) hosted an event where healthcare executives from Bandera Healthcare, a subsidiary of Ensign Group came to Grand Canyon University to speak about their experiences working in long-term care. One fact about Ensign’s portfolio is that it has 226 healthcare facilities, 20 hospice agencies, 18 home health agencies and three home care businesses in California, Arizona, Texas, Washington, Utah, Idaho, Colorado, Nevada, Iowa, Nebraska, Oregon, Wisconsin, Kansas and South Carolina. However, the speakers that came to the event were executives from all around Arizona cities such as Dessert Blossom and Health Rehab, Lake Pleasant Post-Acute Rehabilitation, Dessert Terrace Healthcare Center, Bella Vita Health & Rehabilitation Center and Horizon Post-Acute and Rehabilitation Center.


Ensign Services leaders from Bandera Healthcare joined FHCA to speak about the benefits, advantages and the importance of working in long-term care. The speakers talked about their experiences in long-term care and how fulfilling it is to be able to create a long-lasting relationship with their team and with their residents. All of the speakers emphasized that doing an internship in a long-term care facility will have a greater outcome for a student as he/she will be able to rotate per department. Thus, they will grasp more experience in different avenues and will help them decide which department or role is the best fit. It was such a pleasure to have funny, witty and wise men come to an FHCA hosted event and speak with so much passion and joy in what they do. The stories they told will forever leave a mark on the Healthcare Administration students in regard to working in long-term care.

As the aging population continues to rise, the need for more healthcare professionals working in long-term care is becoming more in demand. For recent graduates, seeking work in long-term care can be easier than looking for jobs in a hospital because of the high demand for healthcare workers in long-term care. Moreover, as a student, keeping an open mind is important. Learning that there is a vast amount of opportunities in the long-term care industry is valuable as they see the broad spectrum of roles and responsibilities they can partake or pursue after graduation.

Besides, working in long-term care can help an individual see and understand more about the aging process which is an inevitable process for all of us. In long-term care facilities, patients can stay from months, even many years; unlike in a hospital. Residents tend to be more appreciative on small favors and they are more willing to share their life stories which are some of the great things with working in long-term care. Learning what the aging and the elderlies are going through can bring a Health Care Administration student newfound compassion for what an individual who is going through at that life stage.

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