What Is Quality and Safety in Nursing?

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Quality and safety in nursing is defined in the knowledge, skills and attitudes that are designed to be developed in pre-licensure programs for nursing. The Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) project explores certain challenges in the preparation of future nurses to assure that the quality and safety of healthcare practices are continuing to improve.1

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The Importance of Quality and Safety

Ensuring the quality and safety of a patient and the healthcare practices being performed are two of the most crucial aspects of nursing. As any form of healthcare and nursing should be practiced with accuracy and precision, keeping patients safe and protected with quality care is the number one aspect of the profession. For this reason, quality and safety, and all of its components, is the most important thing that nursing programs should place focus on.

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What it Entails

Quality and safety in nursing relies on the education and sense of approach a nurse has in the workplace. While there are many unknown complications that are bound to be faced in any healthcare profession, being prepared to handle a dangerous situation is something nurses need to succeed in their line of work. While the QSEN project places emphasis on this, it is necessary for pre-licensure nursing programs to develop and integrate the teaching and learning of quality and safety into their curriculum.

Ensuring that quality and safety in nursing is well taught and developed in nursing programs is crucial to the success of a nurse in the workplace. Working in healthcare is a great way to help others and contribute positively to your community. By continuously improving the quality and safety of these practices, nurses are given the ability to better serve their healthcare community.

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2 Cannot be used in conjunction with other GCU scholarships or awards.

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