Why You Should Pursue a Digital Arts Degree

A student's laptop against a yellow background

If you are hoping to study in a creative field, consider earning a digital arts degree. Digital arts can be viewed as the intersection between technology and art. If you love technology and being creative, then a digital arts degree may be exactly the kind of educational program you are looking for.

What Is a Digital Arts Degree?

There are several different types of digital arts degrees. You can earn a digital arts degree in just about any artistic endeavor that involves using computers and technology to create art, including digital media, graphic design, photography, web design and animation.

What Will I Study in a Digital Arts Degree Program?

Digital arts degrees may include classes about digital photography, animation, music, graphic design or other interactive forms of media. Students will learn both the fundamentals of the artistic process and the basics of the technology needed to create the art.

Students typically create multimedia presentations and collaborate with other artists within the program, building digital portfolios in their field in order to showcase the work they have completed throughout their studies. For example, they may work with professors and other students to create interactive art for public display. Digital arts students learn the latest technology and software programs in addition to giving and receiving feedback on their artistic work from peers and teachers.

Do I Need To Be Artistic To Earn a Digital Arts Degree?

Some digital arts degrees require the submission of a portfolio to be admitted into the program. Others offer programming instruction to any student wanting to learn digital arts. So while students do not necessarily need to be artistic, they should be comfortable with technology and be willing to learn and expand their skill sets in several different mediums.

Why Should I Pursue a Digital Arts Degree?

Jobs you can get with a digital arts degree can include positions in the fields of animation and graphic design, both of which are growing quickly. Employers are looking for digital arts degree graduates who have the ability to learn the latest technology and apply it within the parameters of the creative process with ease. Earning a digital arts degree shows employers that you are able to take a unique perspective on things and create products that demonstrate out-of-the-box thinking.

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