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GCU lacrosse players in mid-play on the field Posted on January 28, 2019  in  [ Psychology & Counseling ]

For students who have an avid interest in sports, performing arts or mental health, Grand Canyon University’s Bachelor of Science in Psychology with an Emphasis in Performance and Sport Psychology program can be a perfect fit. By earning this sports psychology degree, you can learn how to guide performance while combining your passion and career. Read on to learn about the role of a sports psychologist.

Focus on the Mind of the Athlete

When athletes face a problem in their sport, they sometimes seek out the assistance of a sports psychologist. While a coach focuses on the physical side of activity, a sports psychologist, on the other hand, concentrates on the mind of the athlete. These professionals can help athletes of all levels achieve their goals by overcoming problems and enhancing performance.

Help Athletes Reach Peak Performance

Athletes typically work with a sports psychologist when dealing with an issue that is affecting their athletic performance, such as difficulty controlling their temper, a lack of focus, low motivation and communication problems. However, sports psychologists can also help athletes cope with pressure, enhance performance, maintain a training program and recover from an injury. These psychology professionals identify and apply psychological principles that can promote peak performance, as well as encourage people’s participation in physical activity.

Offer Athletes Valuable Tools and Strategies

Professional athletes put in a massive amount of preparation before performing their best and this usually includes the development of both physical abilities and mental resilience. Sports psychology is a subfield of psychology and professionals in this area assist athletes in a variety of ways, for example by helping them overcome anxiety or offering strategies for improving athletic performance. By using techniques like these, sports psychologists help athletes tap into their potential and perform at their best.

If your passion is helping others find the greatness within, then Grand Canyon University’s BS in Psychology with an Emphasis in Performance and Sport Psychology could be right for you. To discover more about this degree program, visit our website or use the Request More Information button located at the top of this page.

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