Beautiful Adventure: A Journey to Philippines, Part 1

people asleep on a bus

A Grand Canyon University student traveled to the Philippines on a global outreach trip in March 2015. Follow her mission trip this week to see how her team, the Filipino people and the Lord would captured her heart.

Saturday, 10 p.m.

After more than 30 hours of travel for our team of 27 girls, we finally arrive in the Philippines to spend eight days with Kids International Ministries.

I stare out of our bus into the chaotic night traffic boxing us in on the highway of Manila and know that at this point all we want is to get un-lost, turn down the 70’s music blaring in the speakers above and sleep in a bed rather than a seat.

Curled up in the back of the bus, I am amazed at how God has answered my prayer of eight years to bring me on my first mission trip.

When all else fails—eat the airplane food, catch some zzz’s where you can and always give thanks for the little things.

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