Beautiful Adventure: A Journey to Philippines, Part 3

Posted on April 21, 2015  in  [ Spiritual Life ]

A Grand Canyon University student traveled to the Philippines on a global outreach trip in March 2015. Follow her mission trip this week to see how her team, the Filipino people and the Lord would captured her heart.



The organization we are working with, Kids International Ministries, is a diamond in the rough. They have transformed the community in Jesus’ name and the ministry they perform daily is something we are humbled to join.

Rather than coming in and being the ministry, we get to choose where to invest. This trip is what we make it and Kids International Ministries supports our passions and talents: going door to door in the neighborhood to pray, providing basic dental care, going to feedings, teaching violin, playing sports, teaching swim lessons, cooking meals with the staff and playing with the street kids.

Spoiler Alert: The mission has already started and God asks us to join the work He is already doing. Our obedience to buy into His goodness is the mission.

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