Beautiful Adventure: A Journey to Philippines, Part 6

Filipino girls seated at a table during a global outreach trip

A Grand Canyon University student traveled to the Philippines on a global outreach trip in March 2015. Follow her mission trip this week to see how her team, the Filipino people and the Lord captured her heart.



The perks of being a photographer and observer by nature are that I frequently stumble upon moments like this. As I sit here on the terrace with a few other girls talking about how God has challenged and encouraged us, I look over and see an impromptu worship session with our team, a neighborhood girl and two girls from the Jazz Girl’s House (consisting of 37 girls brought from broken and abused situations into the care of Josie Long, who is now their legal guardian and loves them all so well).

At this point in our trip, we realize that the time is slipping away from us and we are soon going to be across the globe from these people.

Perspective makes the conversations deeper, the songs sweeter and the hugs tighter.

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