Chapel: Believe Truth

By Paige Ferrari

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Ron Merrell from Heights Church in Prescott, AZ spoke at Grand Canyon University’s Chapel this past Monday morning. He started off this morning with a great laugh, sharing a story of when he was in college and he “screamed at a deaf person.”

Unfortunately, Ron shared that it wasn’t the worst thing that he has done—there have been other things in his life that he covered up. 

Ron posed a group of questions to the audience, “Who are you? And who gets to tell you who you are? Are you defined by your failures?

“What if who you really are, is what God says about you?”

Ron encouraged the crowd to see ourselves as God sees us. If we believe what God says, it will radically change how we live out our lives.

He opened up to Psalm 139, a psalm of David about our identity and believing what the God of the universe says about us. God knows us better than we know ourselves.

Turning down the volume of what others say about us, we have a huge God who is trying to tell us, over the volume, who He sees us as. Ron said that if we believe what God says about us as truth, and we are able to outpour that truth into the people around us, our culture will change and the lies that we are fed won’t have a grip on us.

Watch the full talk below:

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