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By Paige Ferrari

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“Therefore, love truth and peace.” (Zechariah 8:19)

Author and apologist Mark Mittelberg visited Grand Canyon University today to share his passion and confidence in our faith, backing up his beliefs with facts and truth. Mittelberg brought the audience through four out of the 20 reasons why Christianity is true, all of which are outlined in his book.  

The four Mittelberg discussed had to do with the scientific reasons for why there has to be an omnipresent and omniscient being.

  1. The design of the universe points to an intelligent designer.
  2. Fine tuning points to an intentional fine tuner.
  3. Information encoded into our DNA points to a divine encoder.
  4. Origins of the universe point to a divine originator.

He backed up these four points with impossible visual images of how great science and religion work together, instead of against each other.

Commonly, people refer to science in their defense for why God does not exist. However, Mittelberg argues for the exact opposite. He believes that it is science that continues to point to a divine omniscient God.

Mittelberg encouraged the crowd to love truth, so that we may know how to defend and be confident in our faith.

Mittelberg did not have enough time to get through all of these reasons that we should be confident in our faith so tonight there will be a special forum where he will outline the rest of his book and give time for students to ask questions. Mark’s son, Matthew Mittelberg, GCU senior and president of the Defender’s Club here on campus, is holding a special Q & A forum tonight in North Lecture Hall-104 at 7:30 pm tonight.

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