Chapel: The Miracle of Prayer

By Paige Ferrari

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Todd Clark, a teaching pastor from Christ’s Church of the Valley (CCV), joined Grand Canyon University students and staff at Monday morning’s Chapel service. Pastor Clark’s message was about the importance of a diligent prayer life.

Referencing Matthew 6:5-7, Pastor Clark broke down three things we should be doing when it comes to prayer:

  1. Pray regularly
  2. Pray humbly
  3. Pray privately

Pastor Clark emphasized the importance of prayer and the fact that God truly listens to our prayers when we come to Him.

“The miracle of prayer isn’t that we talk – the miracle of prayer is that God listens,” exclaimed Pastor Clark.

He then encouraged the crowd with the responses that God gives us when we pray.

  • If the request is wrong, God says, “No”
  • If the timing is wrong, God says, “Slow”
  • If you ask wrong, God says, “Grow”
  • If the request is right, God says, “Go”

The importance of all of this is that we are able to turn our ears to God and make sure that we allow God to answer as we listen.

Watch the full talk below:

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