Chapel Rewind: Palmer Chinchen

Palmer Chinchen, the lead pastor of The Grove church in Chandler, Ariz. spoke at chapel on Monday morning to share his view of the tribe-like mentality our generation has and the injustices that happen all over the world. Posted on February 03, 2015  in  [ Spiritual Life ]


Palmer started what is known as the Barefoot Tribe, encouraging people to make tiny sacrifices that make a large impact. His goal through his church here in the Valley and his partnership in Africa is to “take pieces of heaven to places of hell on Earth.” Tagging his words after the title of his book, Palmer encouraged the crowd to get out of their comfort zone and to love more like a tribe; sacrificing, sharing and collaborating together for the good of all.

If you want to help Palmer Chinchen’s mission through the Barefoot Tribe, come to the Grand Canyon University women’s basketball game on Thursday, February 5 and donate your shoes.

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