Chapel: The True Meaning of Christmas

Posted on November 16, 2015  in  [ Spiritual Life ]

Tom Shrader from Redemption Church joined Grand Canyon University students, faculty and staff for Chapel this week. He talked about the Christmas story and its roots, including Mary, Joseph and Jesus.

In his message, Tom brought the crowd to John 3:16, where God says that He loves us and that we love Him.

He brought us back to wedding vows. When two people commit their lives in a marriage, their vows anticipate problems, “for better or for worse.” The human “I love you” is conditional. The human experience of love is based on this for that.

However, when God says He loves us, that love is unconditional. Our performance doesn’t dictate the amount of love that God has for us. We get caught in that same cycle because that’s how our human love works.

“God loves you in spite of you, not because of you,” said Tom.

Remember the importance of love and God’s unconditional love for us, especially this Christmas.

GCU invites speakers to share a message of faith at our weekly Chapel services. To learn more about Spiritual Life and the student experience at GCU, contact us today.

Paige Ferrari

Global Outreach Student Leader

Paige Ferrari is a senior at GCU studying Communications and serves in the Spiritual Life department as part of the Global Outreach Team. Although she’s from Southern California, Paige finds herself falling in love with the people, culture and lifestyle of Phoenix, and hopes to permanently move here after graduation. She is a passionate writer, reader and coffee connoisseur; she is always looking for some creative words over a cup of coffee.

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