Inexplicable Joy

By Spiritual Life Team

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Beth Guckenberger shares the inexplicable joy within her heart as a full-time missionary with ten kids. Beth and her husband Todd are the Executive Directors of Back2Back Ministries, an organization that focuses on orphan care. Her session with a group of Grand Canyon University students opened the floor for some hard-hitting questions and honest answers about the realities of full time mission work.

She emphasized that the difficulty of living in Mexico is real and that many people tried to convince her otherwise. Beth continued to tell the crowd how she would ask God about His command on her life and came to the conclusion that, “there’s no better way to live.” She continued, “There’s an easier way to live… but there is no better way to live.”

Fulfilling Those Needs

Beth’s day begins with a visit to the orphanages. She asks the same questions each day- this is what we can offer you, what can we do to best serve you with what we have? Those needs can be fulfilled sometimes by feeding the children, or supporting high school students on a mission trip who want to gain an intercultural experience and obey the command in Isaiah 1:17: “Learn to do good; seek justice, reprove the ruthless, defend the orphan, plead for the widow.”

Beth also highlighted the command from God that she obeyed in a story about one of her adopted sons. “When God gives you a call two things happen, inexplicable joy and confirmation,” she said. Being obedient to God’s call is something Beth is passionate about and has expanded on that calling in a Chapel service she spoke at in November.


The session concluded with a video entitled “1/163,000,000” which portrayed the story of one orphan named Shannen. She was raised in a children’s home with Back2Back.

However, Shannen is one out of the 163,000,000 orphans in the world. Beth encouraged those listening in the crowd to, “do for one that you wish you could do for them all.”

This number can be overwhelming and defeating, but Beth summed up her talk in one way. “The point of what you do is not what you bring,” she said. “It is who you bring.” Giving these children hope in Jesus is a constant in their life and fills up their cup so hopefully, they are able to pour out to others.

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