Monday Morning Chapel: The Local Church

By Paige Ferrari

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This morning’s chapel service was also a Grand Canyon University reunion. The stage was a flashback to last year’s worship band; leading us in praise was GCU alum Jeanette Plasencio. In addition to the familiar faces during worship, this morning’s speaker was lead pastor Samson Dunn of Catalyst Church, also a GCU alumnus.

Samson’s passion and fervor overflowed into the audience as he talked about taking part of the local church and being part of the body of Christ. Samson deemed the local church as “the one thing that we have in this world that we could not exist without.” (11:00)

We are all to serve one God, no matter what our roles are in the Church. Samson emphasized the importance of being part of a church. He stated, “All the good in the world does not excuse us from the fundamental basics of the Christian faith.” (30:21)

Samson hoped that young adults would see the need to serve and take part in the local church, eventually making an impact on locally and then our world.

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