Summer Chapel: Judgment and Hypocrisy

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Matthew 7:1-5

College of Theology Dean Jason Hiles, PhD, focused this week’s Chapel discussion on judgments and the hypocrisy they create in our own lives.

Hiles noted Jesus’ teachings on moral judgment do not indicate that all judgment is forbidden. In fact, it’s easy and acceptable to disagree with another’s character, ethics, behavior, decision or actions.

In fact, it can be healthy.

“What’s amazing about this conversation in our day is that we’ve separated things,” Hiles said. “We assume if a person disagrees, they do not love. I’d beg to differ, that if a person loves, then disagreement is absolutely necessary in some cases. If we genuinely love another person more than ourselves, we will find it necessary to speak when it’s uncomfortable, when it’s difficult.”

Jesus teaches his followers to avoid frequent double standards when making judgments because God will judge all of us. It’s up to each of us individually to recognize, accept and forgive ourselves for our own failures and inadequacies first. Doing this is the only true means by which we can eventually help others.

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