Summer Chapel: Unity

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Grand Canyon University President and CEO Brian Mueller spoke at this week’s Summer Chapel service about several themes found in the Epistles of Paul, including barriers, the Trinity, Jesus’ sacrifice for our sins and the importance of unity.

“[There is a] wall that exists between God and His people because of sin,” Mueller explained. “[There is a] wall that exists between all of us as different groups because of sin. That’s really at the heart of the world. It’s barriers. And it’s getting worse.

“What could be our most powerful witness? Unity. Christians should understand more than other single group in the world that we can put aside our differences because of what [Jesus has] done for us, and we can witness to the world through our unity.”

Hear his full talk by watching the video below:

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Why is the Trinity so important in unifying us? Check out last week’s devotional to learn more about the Trinity.

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