Trending Faith: Are There Fewer Christians in Today’s World?

Posted on July 28, 2015  in  [ Spiritual Life ]

Has Christianity declined in numbers?

This week’s Trending Faith explores whether Christianity has dwindled in numbers and what this means moving forward.

GCU Pastor Tim Griffin believes some statistics suggest the American church community has plateaued in recent years relative to many other countries around the world. But he noted places of growth at a fast rate include Latin American and Southeast Asian countries.

“You hear stories coming out of many places in the world where the church is exploding,” he said. “People coming to faith in Christ in places you would never think of before, which is fairly exciting for those with an evangelical bent, you’d like to see the Gospel read and shared with others.

“To know it’s going to places in the world where some would not think it would, in hard places, difficult places, but yet the Gospel is alive in those places.”

Pastor Tim also wonders if familiarity and growing accustomed to being around churches has caused the plateau. Oppression and pressures in other parts of the world can mean faith is real and a core value that becomes a more conscious decision.

Listen to their complete discussion below:

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