Trending Faith: Are We Predestined?

A student choosing between two paths

The idea of predestination was brought to the table as University Pastor and Dean of Students Tim Griffin and Dean of the College of Theology Jason Hiles, PhD, tackled this topic on Trending Faith.

“God does know what is going to happen, but still allows us to make choices in the midst of it all,” said Pastor Tim.

The roundabout way that Scripture talks about the balance of free will and the sovereignty of God isn’t really discussed. However, what is discussed is the unity that we as believers are supposed to have with one another.

God does know everything because He is all-powerful. However, we do have our freedom to make decisions, no matter the morality or correctness of that choice.

Hear more about fate and destiny by checking out this past version of Trending Faith. Have a question for Pastor Tim and Dr. Hiles? Send your questions to or use #trendingfaith.

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