Trending Faith: Is Heavenly Sorrow Possible?

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On this week’s Trending Faith, GCU Pastor and Dean of Students Tim Griffin and College of Theology Dean Jason Hiles, PhD, discuss whether we can feel “heavenly sorrow” for loved ones who did not go to heaven.

Pastor Griffin references glimpses or snapshots within the Bible of what existence in heaven might be like—a “world” or “life” after our current lives on Earth that could be without corruption and other negative experiences.

“It’s interesting to contemplate what life would be like without sorrow or tears,” he said, noting many people cry when they’re happy.

“It makes you wonder and long for that experience, to be with God in that eternal state,” he said.

While both men find the subject fascinating, Dr. Hiles believes there’s no easy or clear answer to what happens when a person reaches heaven. Because sorrow doesn’t appear to be a part of heaven, it remains unclear how sorrow for another human can change or turn to joy.

Watch the full video to hear the discussion:

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